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Exploring Halifax's Luxury Real Estate

Ready for pure luxury in Halifax? Our selection of luxury homes for sale has it all! You’ll be blown away by high ceilings, large windows, custom finishes, and top-notch amenities.

Whether you want a waterfront condo or a sprawling estate, we have the perfect luxury home waiting for you.

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Luxury Condos For Sale

There are different types of condos you can find for sale in the Halifax, NS real estate market, here is our selection just for you.

Luxury Single Family Homes

From cutting-edge modern estates to the rich heritage of historic homes, your dream property awaits. Waste no time; start your search now!

Luxury Homes for Sale in Halifax: Your Top FAQs Answered

Some of the most popular neighborhoods for luxury houses in Halifax include:

  • South End Halifax.

  • Shore Drive in Bedford.

  • West Bedford.

And some of the most popular neighborhoods for luxury condos in Halifax are in the downtown core with buildings such as:

  • The Pavillion.
  • The Roy.
  • Bishop’s Landing.
  • The Trillum 

Halifax is located on the southeastern coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is at the head of Halifax Harbour, which is a natural harbor on the Atlantic Ocean.

Halifax is a city with a rich history, and this is reflected in the variety of home styles that can be found there. Some of the most common styles include Georgian, Victorian, Colonial, Cape Cod, and Ranch.

Georgian homes in Halifax have symmetrical facades and large windows. Victorian homes feature ornate details like turrets and gables. Colonial homes have simple lines, a central chimney, and a front porch. Cape Cod homes have low-pitched roofs, dormers, and small windows. Ranch homes have a long, low profile and an open floor plan.

The most popular home style in Halifax may vary depending on the neighborhood. For example, Georgian homes are more common in the downtown core, while Cape Cod homes are more common in the suburbs.

The average price of a luxury property in Halifax varies depending on the location, size, and condition of the property. However, the average price in the south end is $1 116822, Shore Drive is $888k and Bedford West $709950; The average price for condos is $1 025000.

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